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ID: 1554
Category: SFC-Sanitation Facilities Construction
Dates: 3/11/14-3/12/14
Location: Chandler, AZ
Description: This course is designed for engineering, inspection and construction personnel working under the OSHA construction standards. The course will cover in detail the OSHA requirements for a competent person in excavation, fall protection, scaffolding, and electrical safety. Topics include construction industry hazards, liability and responsibility, general duty clause, focus inspections, multi-employer sites, competent person, safety programs, excavations, fall protection, scaffolds, and electrical safety. Learners will be evaluated by a final exam at the end of the course [a grade of 70 or higher is passing].
Learning Outcomes: • Define authorized, qualified, and competent person • Communicate the OSHA standards and responsibilities that pertain to competent persons in the construction industry • Apply OSHA standards for excavations, fall protection, scaffolds, and electrical safety to make construction job sites safe and reduce possible work related injuries
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: Teeples, Joe  
Agenda File: Competent Person Agenda.pdf
CEU: 1.3 -
Status: Completed