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ID: 1557
Category: O&M-Operations and Maintenance
Dates: 4/22/14-4/24/14
Location: Bismarck, ND
Description: This interactive and hands-on training course is for operators, wastewater managers, and engineering staff interested in an overview of lift station operations and troubleshooting. Course will review pumps, piping, mechanical equipment, and electrical components commonly used in lift stations and provide an opportunity for attendees to work with this equipment during classroom exercises. Common hydraulic problems are discussed and demonstrated including the effects of velocity, water hammer, and entrapped air. Operating problems related to debris, grease, and odor control are examined.
Learning Outcomes: •Identify common lift station types and equipment and piping/valve considerations •Describe basic hydraulic considerations in lift station operations •Apply systematic pump and control troubleshooting techniques •Describe common operational problems and cost controls •Review applicable codes, safety compliance, and emergency procedures
Prerequisites: Electrical Controls and Pumps & Pumping Systems recommended.
Instructors: Rodgers, David   Wruble, Wayne  
Agenda File: Lift Station Ops_Agenda.pdf
CEU: 2 -
Status: Completed