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ID: 1561
Category: O&M-Operations and Maintenance
Dates: 4/29/14-5/1/14
Location: South Florida
Description: This course is designed as a follow-up course to “Electrical Controls” and will focus on water and wastewater pumping system troubleshooting. Special emphasis will be placed on topics excluded from most introductory courses, including power quality issues, field evaluation of control panels, ladder schematic analysis, data interpretation, logic diagrams interpretation, programmable logic controls, electronic starters, and variable frequency drives This course uses fully functioning water and wastewater equipment in a classroom/laboratory environment allowing experienced instructors to simulate real-world problems for student evaluation. Prerequisites: Electrical Controls mandatory. Pumps & Pumping Systems recommended.
Learning Outcomes: • Review and analyze power quality problem effects on the pumping systems • Interpret control panel ladder diagrams and identify panel components, configuration, and wiring requirements • Interpret data from fault codes and output data stores in programmable logic controls, programmable electronic starters, and VFD for troubleshooting • Review analog and digital control devices and loops and explain PLC and VFD input and output conventions. • Troubleshoot operational problems presented by power, hydraulic, and mechanical issues in pumping systems using laboratory based student pumping exercises.
Prerequisites: Electrical Controls mandatory Pumps & Pumping Systems recommended.
Instructors: Rodgers, David   Wruble, Wayne  
Agenda File: Adv Controls Agenda Sept 2011.pdf
CEU: 2 -
Status: Completed