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ID: 1566
Category: -
Dates: 6/23/14-6/25/14
Location: Madison, WI
Description: This course is presented by the University of Wisconsin [UW]. The course will provide a broad understanding of drinking water treatment processes and technologies that is of great value to engineers, plant managers and operators in water-related fields. Topics include: current issues and regulations in drinking water treatment emerging contaminants and trends coagulation, flocculation, clarification and filtration groundwater and surface water treatment issues iron and manganese removal membrane filtration systems, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis adsorption processes activated carbon lime and lime/soda softening disinfection strategies and chlorine, chloramines, ozone, ultraviolet, chlorine dioxide. Link to UW course site:
Learning Outcomes: • Recognize current regulations and trends • Discuss detail processes for groundwater and surface water treatment • Describe filtration, softening, and disinfection strategies • Discuss lead, iron, manganese, microorganisms, taste, odor, and other water treatment issues
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: U of W - Madison  
CEU: 0 - 21 PDHs
Status: Completed