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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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ID: 1568
Category: FAC-Facilities
Dates: 5/5/14-5/9/14
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Description: This five-day learning and problem-solving seminar is designed for energy managers. Basic fundamentals within all key areas of energy management will be examined, building up to "working level" skills. Click on link to see course outline below. IHS attendees will take CEM exam on last day of course.
Learning Outcomes: Describe energy management technologies and how to apply them to facilities List benefits of energy management Calculate energy costs Explain energy audit process and instrumentation Recognize energy-consuming building systems Explain energy rate structures and how they relate to equipment, processes, and operation procedures Explain various life cycle costing methods Identify new lighting technologies Explain how motors are major energy consumers Describe how boilers, furnaces, and heaters work and steps to improve efficiency MAIN OBJ: Staff successfully pass CEM exam after course.
Prerequisites: Currently serving as an Area Energy Manager [priority], experienced facility managers. Please notify EHSC by February 14 if you intend to register. Attendees must possess basic problem-solving skills including quick and accurate use of calculator, ability to use basic algebra, and ability to set up problem solution expression and calculations from written problem statement. Exam requires application process. See course outline for more information.
Instructors: NA
Agenda File: Outline and Exam Info.pdf
CEU: 3.6 - 36 PDH, AIA LU eligible
Status: Completed