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ID: 1573
Category: -
Dates: 11/1/13-9/30/14
Location: Online - Available on demand
Description: This 3-hr online training provides Federal Facility and Energy Managers with the knowledge and competencies to contract for the design and installation a Building Automation System [BAS] in an existing Federal facility, including the ability to apply General Services Administration [GSA] Smart Building Standards into the goal setting process and design objectives. Learners will explore how to use Building Automation Systems to integrate existing HVAC, lighting, and other systems using normalized data and open communications protocols. The course details a process to set specific performance goals for the BAS, design the BAS to meet the established performance goals, and develop Requests for Proposals for both BAS design and installation. The course also discusses how to maximize the effectiveness of installed BAS to improve building energy efficiency, operations and maintenance, indoor environmental quality, and safety and security.
Learning Outcomes: By completing this course you will have a demonstrated knowledge of •applying GSA Smart Building Standards for open, converged, and normalized building automation •integrating existing systems through open communication protocols •making decisions on critical BAS functionality as it applies to: efficiency/cost cutting, indoor environmental quality, operations and maintenance, and safety and security •identifying results-oriented objectives in development of an RFP •developing a design plan including sequences of operations, control strategies, schematics, and points lists •Federal and industry standards and guidance related to BAS •developing RFPs for BAS design and installation •considering financing mechanisms for the BAS and •maximizing the installed BAS to improve overall efficiency.
Prerequisites: This e-learning course is hosted on the Whole Building Design Guide [WBDG] learning management system. To take the course, copy and paste this link to your browser: Log into the WBDG system to launch the course and take the multiple choice assessment. Students will earn .90 FEMP CEUs upon successful completion of the course and assessment.
Instructors: Natl Inst Builidng Science  
CEU: 0.4 - FEMP CEUs
Status: Completed