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ID: 1579
Category: -
Dates: 2/11/14-2/12/14
Location: Tucson, AZ
Description: The Certified Professional of Food Safety course is designed to train professional individuals in all aspects of food safety and to prepare them for taking the certification examination if they choose. The Certified Professional - Food Safety [CP-FS] is designed for individuals within the public and private sectors whose primary responsibility is the protection and safety of food. This includes developing policies and procedures, assessing food safety and conducting inspections, conducting plan reviews, investigating foodborne illnesses, performing recall activities, managing sound food defense practices, and responding to emergencies that affect the safe delivery of food. In addition to classroom training, the course also utilizes case studies, hands-on methods, and situational simulations to effectively train students. The training material is designed to prepare the professional for taking the NEHA sponsored certification exam entitled, “Certified Professional of Food Safety”. Further pursuit of certification is not required and is left to the student to pursue.
Learning Outcomes: Training objectives include: • Identifying risk factors for foodborne disease • Understand sample collection, testing and evaluation procedures • Identify conditions and circumstances used to effectively assess the food safety environment • Express a basic understanding of facility plan review procedures • Describe the procedures associated with investigating a foodborne illness • Describe the procedures for recalling products • Discuss fundamental food defense practices and protocols • Define best practices in emergency response as it relates to food safety
Prerequisites: Note: Individuals may decide to pursue the actual certification by taking an examination. The examination will NOT be administered during the two day training course. There are a number of options available to pursue the certification by examination. Individuals can access the details at the following site:
Instructors: Natl Environmental Hlth Assoc  
Agenda File: CPFS_course_syllabus.pdf
CEU: 1.2 - Must Attend Entire Session
Status: Completed