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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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ID: 1584
Category: -
Dates: 2/20/14-2/20/14
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Description: Participants will learn how to perform quantifiable evaluations of their facilities energy use in order to be able to target prospects for energy conservation. Participants will learn energy management planning techniques and the basic principles of energy accounting to identify ways to improve efficiency. Successful completion of class includes passing test and completing class project. Project is to benchmark your building in Energy Starâ„¢ Portfolio Manager.
Learning Outcomes: 1.List major energy loads in commercial buildings. 2.Convert energy units to BTUs and calculate energy use index for your building. 3.Cite the benefit of using spreadsheets to compute energy use indices and construct energy profiles for fuels used in the building. 4.Identify and prioritize conservation opportunities. 5.Identify opportunities to improve operation and maintenance procedures. 6.Benchmark a building.
Prerequisites: Attending complete BOC Series of courses
Instructors: TBA  
Agenda File: Class_2_Outline.pdf
CEU: 1 - upon successful completion
Status: Completed