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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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ID: 1585
Category: -
Dates: 3/13/14-3/13/14
Location: Santa Fe, NM
Description: Participants will learn lighting fundamentals and principles of efficient lighting including: evaluation of lighting levels fixture and control technologies retrofit and redesign options and required maintenance to reduce energy use associated with lighting while maintaining recommended lighting levels needed for productivity and safety. Successful completion of course includes passing the test and completion of a class project. Project will be to perform a simplified lighting survey including watt densities and lighting levels. Research local utility incentives and calculate the rebate and return on investment for a lighting retrofit project.
Learning Outcomes: Describe the fundamentals of light and the principles of energy efficient lighting. Identify the technology behind modern lighting equipment, including, lamps, ballasts, luminaires, and controls. Discuss how energy efficient lighting strategies are implemented. Describe O & M procedures for lighting systems in typical commercial spaces. Identify possible lighting retro-fit options for typical commercial spaces. Recall utility programs that can help with energy efficiency projects. Conduct a lighting survey for a space or building.
Prerequisites: Completion of BOC Level I Class 1 and preferably, Class 2.
Instructors: NA
Agenda File: Class Outline.pdf
CEU: 1 - upon successful completion
Status: Completed