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ID: 1586
Category: -
Dates: 2/18/14-2/18/14
Location: Online, 1 - 2 PM ET
Description: This presentation will include the history and present status of the HHS Departmental Appeal Board’s initiative to use video teleconferencing [VTC] for all hearings and conferences. The transition to an all VTC model has resulted in significantly reducing the carbon emissions generated by business travel. The presentation will also include a discussion of the additional benefits of implementing VTC including time and cost savings, increased productivity, and reducing the burden on individuals and small businesses.
Learning Outcomes: Introduce attendee to achievable best practices - Give attendee understanding of sustainable practices, as it applies to their work. - Demonstrate how to implement sustainable practices. - Demonstrate community collaboration and the impact of sustainable efforts. - Provide examples of initiatives that display the full spectrum of sustainability efforts.
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: TBA  
CEU: 0 - 1 PDH
Status: Completed