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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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ID: 1635
Category: -
Dates: 8/19/14-8/19/14
Location: Window Rock, AZ
Description: Participants will learn typical areas and problems with different system types and equipment and the relevant diagnostic tools and techniques to identify common opportunities that offer the greatest energy savings potential.
Learning Outcomes: Develop a building systems operations map. Schedule building systems and equipment, and implement operational strategies to limit equipment on-time. Identify critical control sensors in a building and recognize symptoms of sensor error. Identify control strategies and equipment faults that lead to excessive reheat and re-cool. Recognize common symptoms of simultaneous heating and cooling. Recognize symptoms of poor outside air control and look for typical problems. Understand concepts of common HVAC systems and how the design makes them prone to certain problems causing excessive energy use. Recall how loggers are used for energy profiling, estimating savings potential, & troubleshooting. Identify applications for loggers and analyze logger data for operating hours, temperatures, loading, and other parameters. Recall how logger data is used to estimate savings potential.
Prerequisites: Currently working in IHS Healthcare Facilities program as USRO, Facility Manager, Supervisory Maintenance Foreman, or other maintenance position
Instructors: NA
Agenda File: Class Outline3.pdf
CEU: 0 - PDH credit toward BOC Certification
Status: Completed