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ID: 1647
Category: -
Dates: 10/28/14-10/30/14
Location: Madison, WI
Description: This course is presented by the University of Wisconsin [UW] - Madison. The course combines engineering principles, practical know-how, and operating knowledge to improve your understanding of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment for small and large plants. Topics include: • Wastewater characteristics and terminology • Discharge permits and regulations • Headworks, screening, grit, and primary treatment • Activated sludge and nutrient removal processes • Wet weather management • MBRs, fixed-film, and hybrid processes • Effluent disinfection via chlorine, UV, and ozone • Solids treatment and biosolids handling • Aerobic and anaerobic digestion • Plant capital and operating costs • Special aspects for smaller-scale plants • Plant operations and management • Instrumentation and control • Treatment plant tour. Click on the following link to the UW-Madison course site for additional information:
Learning Outcomes: • Describe treatment processes and technologies for small and large scale wastewater treatment plants • Review applicable discharge permit and regulations • Identify and apply design considerations for small and large scale wastewater treatment plants • Evaluate cost and operational factors for wastewater treatment plants
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: NA
CEU: 2 - 20 PDUs
Status: Completed