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ID: 1652
Category: -
Dates: 8/12/14-8/12/14
Location: Shawnee, OK
Description: Approximately 200,000 injuries occur to children on playgrounds every year. This course reviews the elements of design, construction, and maintenance associated with a safe environment for children in playgrounds. The course addresses the evaluation, inspection, and assessments of risk in playground environments in support of environmental health and injury prevention initiatives. The course will include classroom training and hands-on assessments of playground environment and equipment.Training shall cover comprehensive safety issues associated with playground environments. This includes providing sound recommendations and evaluating prevention methods.
Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of course, attendees will be able to: 1. Characterize the causes of injury in a playground environment 2. Gain knowledge in assessing risks for injury based on design and maintenance, 3. Demonstrate the ability to physically assess the total playground environment for injury and safety risks, 4. Describe the features of safety in design and maintenance of playground environments.
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: NA
Agenda File: Playground Safety Workshop_Agenda_Directions.pdf
CEU: 0 - 7 PDHs - must attend entire session
Status: Completed