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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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     Indian Health Manual

Transmittal Notice 96-02

TN 96-02


This transmittal forwards the attached Delegation of Executive Resource Management to the Director, Indian Health Service (IHS), by the Assistant Secretary for Personnel Management, dated September 27, 1995.  The authorities are retained by the Director, IHS, subject to the exceptions and conditions delineated in the delegation.

The Associate Director, Office of Human Resources, will develop a performance-based executive resource management plan; information and guidance in reference to this delegation may be obtained from the Director, Division of Personnel Management.

/James R. Floyd for/
Michael H. Trujillo, M.D., M.P.H.
Assistant Surgeon General
Director, Indian Health Service


Delegation of Authority memorandum to the Heads of Operating Division6 from the Assistant Secretary for Personnel Administration, dated September 27, 1995.




File a copy of this transmittal notice in the Indian Health Manual ,Part 1, chapter 5 - Delegations of Authority, and in the Master Copy Personnel delegations of authority at Tab 52.

Distribution:  PSD 557 (Indian Health Service Mailing Key)
Date:  February 29, 1996
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