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Ambassador Program

Five medical professional staff group photo

The Indian Health Service (IHS) Ambassador Program is a unique mentorship initiative through which college faculty, residency and rural health program directors, externship coordinators and other supporters of IHS partner with national, Area and local recruiters to recruit, educate and counsel health care clinicians as they consider an Indian health career. IHS Ambassadors are tasked to promote the IHS health care model while actively engaging with students, residents and externs who express an interest in pursuing a health profession career serving in American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities.

At a time when there are double-digit vacancy rates in many health care disciplines throughout Native communities, it is important to find qualified and dedicated health professionals who are eager to practice within these communities and become leaders within Indian health facilities. If you choose to become an Ambassador, through your participation in this effort, you will play an active role in identifying and recruiting the right candidates who will make a difference in the lives of this deserving and appreciative community.

An Ambassador is a valued team member who, through engagement and collaboration, will help drive the success of the Ambassador Program and all IHS recruitment efforts.