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Program Expectations

Doctor and nurse conversing

As an IHS Ambassador, your role is to educate job candidates about IHS and Indian health career opportunities, identify future health professionals that will fit in with the IHS health care model and establish relationships and recognition as a supporter of Indian health and the recruitment and retention of health professionals. You will be an integral component of the IHS recruitment team and have an opportunity to share your ideas with local, national and Area recruiters, as well as lean on them for insight and knowledge. An Ambassador position is for those who have a real interest in helping this underserved and deserving community receive the best health care possible.

By nature, an Ambassador should be an outgoing person who likes to meet people and build strong, lasting relationships within the community — in your case — the campus community. It takes someone who is unafraid to approach likely candidates with a positive, professional demeanor; we need Ambassadors who can sell the idea of IHS. This necessitates a genuine interest in the IHS mission "to raise the health status of the American Indian and Alaska Native people to the highest possible level."

Ambassador Profile

An IHS Ambassador is passionate about the services provided at Indian health facilities, as well as dedicated and focused on improving the lives of those who are medically underserved.

An IHS Ambassador is a demonstrated mentor, counselor, teacher and colleague interested in making a difference — not only in the lives of American Indians and Alaska Natives, but also within the facilities and communities that serve this appreciative and deserving patient population.

An IHS Ambassador is eager to create an influential message to students, health professionals and job seekers that promotes the unique work and fulfilling lifestyle an Indian health career provides.