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October 2016

The PowerPoint presentations from the October 31, 2016 Program Director's meeting are available for viewing and download (Adobe PDF viewer will be needed to view these files)

YRTC Construction Update (PDF)

Desert Sage Youth Wellness Center Update: Milestones; Budget Update; Construction Highlights; Service Contracts; Facility Maintenance Staff Status; Remaining Items; Best Road Update; Pond Area Development; Sacred Oaks Healing Center Update: Paves two-lane county highway; Traffic Safety Study in 2012; Yolo County Board of Supervisors disagrees; Proposed Site Plan; Site Evaluation; Community Outreach;

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By S. Deckert
YRTC Facility Update / Aftercare (PDF)

Timeline; Furniture; Education; Staffing; Billing; CA Sites visited; Findings; Screening Methods; Screening/Identification Process; 2016 New GPRA Measures; YRTC Experience; Family/Staff Involvement; Resources; Ongoing evaluation; Outreach Efforts

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By M. Espinosa
YRTC Therapeutic Modalities (PDF)

Treatment philosophy/trauma-informed care; Motivational interviewing/motivational enhancement therapy; Dialectic behavioral Therapy; Adolescent Community Reinforcement Approach; Continuing Care

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By D. Sprenger
Substance Use Disorder Continuum of Care: Engaging the Community (PDF)

Nature of substance use disorders; Continuum of care philosophy; Importance of community involvement; Effectiveness of aftercare; Effectiveness of prevention

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By D. Sprenger
FY 2017 New Behavioral Health GPRA Measure (PDF)

Universal Alcohol Screening; Depression Screening 12-17 year olds; Screening, Brief Intervention & Referral to Treatment (SBIRT); Antidepressant Medication Management: Acute Treatment; Antidepressant Medication Management: Continuous Treatment

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By D. Phillips
New Capabilities with RPMS (PDF)

QIP Managed Care Medi-Cal Reports; QIP - Family Practice Clinical Domain; EHRp19 Updates/Enhancements; EHRp20 Updates/Enhancements;

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By R. Gemmell, G. Mosier, N. Klier, S. Thibodeau
1115 Waiver Update - Development Status of IHS Program Organized Delivery System (PDF)

History of funding substance use disorder services; State plan overview; Opportunities for IHS-funded programs; Challenges in an ODS for Indian Country; Collaboration; Requirements to administer this program; Staffing requirements; Who should administer the program?; CMS Contractor Recommendations; Timeframe;

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By D. Sprenger
Division of Health Facilities Engineering (DHFE) Update (PDF)

Current & upcoming staff; Services; Accomplishments & Budgets; Upcoming Activities & Initiatives

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By P. Frazier
Drought Update (PDF)

Background; Tribal & IHS Activities; Drought Projects; Drought Handbooks; Drought Contingency Plan Template; IHS CA Area Drought Website; Outlook; Planning for the Future;

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By D. Brafford
Division of Environmental Health Service (DEHS) Update (PDF)

Program Overview; Activity; Surveys; New Initiatives; Zika Status; Public Health Outreach; CDC/CDPH Recommended EH response to a Zika Diagnosis; DEHS will assist with preparing for EH response

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By C. Garcia
Getting Boards on Board: Engaging in Quality and Safety (PDF)

Healthcare Improvement: Care, Health and Cost; The Six Aims of Healthcare Quality Improvement; Key Questions for All Health Boards; IPC-MS 2016; IHS Care Model; IPC 2.0 Change Package; Key Components to Improve; 5 Million Lives Campaign; Urgent Call for Action; Boards fall under 4 Categories; Six things all boards should do to improve quality and reduce harm; IHS Framework for Leadership for Improvement; Strategies and factors associated with successful teams.

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By H. Maldonado & W. Blocker