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What are the keys to a successful EHR implementation

The implementation of any new software means adopting work-flow process, training, and support for individual users as they tackle the learning curve. Steps include:

  • Make the decision to implement EHR
  • Obtain a firm commitment from leadership and medical staff buy-in
  • Obtain the necessary financial/human resources to successfully implement EHR
  • Create an EHR implementation team to include representatives from every department
  • Complete the EHR site questionnaire to notify both the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and the California Area Office of your interest and commitment
  • Appoint a EHR project manager to manage the transition process
  • Determine how Clinical Application Coordinator (CAC) responsibilities will be carried out and initiate the hiring process as needed.
  • Subscribe to the EHR List Serv and plan to send key staff to EHR training
  • Develop a plan for training and support of new users
  • Plan for a minimum of 9-12 months to prepare and successfully begin implementation of EHR.