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Improving Provider Access to Infant Developmental Screening and Referral Resources for Integration into Clinical Practices in the Primary Care Setting


  • Liz Sardinas, MSW, Tribal Early Education and Outreach Program Manager, Northern California Children’s Therapy Center
  • Edyth Gallardo, MPA, MSW, Early Start Program Manager & Federal Compliance Specialist, Inland Regional Center


This presentation will summarize federal regulations that guide the screening and referral process, collaboration opportunities, patient/provider resources, and provider education regarding intellectual and developmental screening and follow-up.  This presentation will provide the healthcare team with the knowledge and skills to increase access to early screening, detection, and referral and associated intervention for improved care outcomes.

As a result of participating in this activity, the healthcare team will:

  1. Integrate current regulations and requirements that guide developmental screening and referral of infants with developmental disabilities into policies and practice.
  2. Identify resources to assist with education and identification of infants with intellectual and other developmental disabilities.
  3. Apply screening tools for early identification of developmental delays and referral resources.

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Full Synopsis (DOCX)