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Email - Indian Health Care Improvement Fund

From: Kerrigan, Margo (IHS/CAL)
Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2012 8:33 AM
Subject: IHS Director's Decision on the Indian Health Care Improvement Fund

Dear Tribal Leaders,

Over the holidays, the IHS Director posted the attached Dear Tribal Leaders Letter on the IHS Director's Blog dated November 25, 2011 concerning the tribal consultation she conducted on the Indian Health Care Improvement Fund (IHCIF).  Based on tribal consulations, she has made the following three decisions:

    1)  To leave the IHCIF formula unchanged until all health programs reach at least 55 percent of their estimated lelvel of need;

    2)  Approve the data and technical improvements to the IHCIF formula and continue to evaluate whether a proptotype Medicaid spending index would be a possible replacement for the existing 25 percent alternate resource factor;

    3)  Defer expanding the IHCIF formula until funding is made availabe for newly authorized health services.

Please see the Attached Letter (below) to Tribes on Indian Health Care Improvement Fund Consultation

Posted on December 28, 2011

"I sent a letter to Tribes to provide information on my decision from the consultation on the Indian Health Care Improvement Fund (IHCIF). When Congress provides a program increase for this fund, IHS uses a formula to fund the lowest funded health programs according to a distribution methodology developed in consultation with Tribes. The consultation was initiated a year ago to determine if Tribes wanted IHS to change the IHCIF formula. We received a significant amount of input on this issue, and based on that input, I decided to keep the formula the same under the original agreement and to authorize certain proposed improvements to the date in the formula. For more details, please review the letter [Link to IHS PDF - 65KB]."

If you have any questions, please contact me at (916) 930-3927 or e-mail at

Margo Kerrigan
IHS California Area Office
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