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Email - Draft VA-IHS Reimbursement Agreement

From: Kerrigan, Margo (IHS/CAL)
Sent: Tuesday, May 08, 2012 3:32 PM
Subject: IHS Director's Blog: Tribal Consultation on Draft VA-IHS Reimbursement Agreement Extended

VA-IHS Reimbursement Agreement Consultation Update

Posted on the IHS Director's Blog on May 7, 2012

Based on a request from Tribes, we are extending to May 25, 2012, the deadline for comments on the draft VA-IHS reimbursement agreement that was recently sent to Tribes for consultation. Please refer to the original letter dated April 5, 2012, (Link to IHS PDF KB) for instructions on submission of comments.

The attached (below) draft VA-IHS agreement sets forth the underlying terms and conditions for reimbursement between VA and IHS faciltiies, and between VA and tribal healthcare facilities should the tribal government(s)/organization elect to enter into such agreements witht the VA.  Both the IHS and the VA are requesting your recommendations for a demonstration project, including the types of sites, number of sites and recommended demonstration locations.

Please submit your comments and concerns by e-mail to and by Friday, May 25, 2012.

Margo Kerrigan
IHS California Area Office
(916) 930-3927 Ext. 306
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