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Email - IHS FY 2014 Budget Briefing

From: Kerrigan, Margo (IHS/CAL)
Sent: Monday, April 15, 2013 10:51 AM
To: CAO Tribal Leaders; CAO Board_Committee_Workgroup; CATAC2010
Cc: CAO Program Directors; CAO EXEC STAFF; Coleman, Travis (IHS/CAL); Lee, Paula R. (HHS/OGC)
Subject: IHS FY 2014 Budget Briefing

Dear Tribal Officials,

Please find attached (below) the IHS portion of the President’s Budget Request for FY 2014.  Please note that it contains the costs of construction for the southern YRTC.

Margo Kerrigan
IHS California Area Office

Link to full document:

Link to HHS Budget website, which contains the above document