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Email - VA Reimbursement Agreements with Tribal Health Programs


From: Kerrigan, Margo (IHS/CAL)
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2013 11:56 AM
Subject: VA Reimbursement Agreements with Tribal Health Programs

Dear Tribal Health Program Directors,

I am providing you herein (see below) the VA/IHS Reimbursement Template that is being used by the 10 IHS programs that are in the VA pilot. 

I am also providing you (see below) with the VA/Alaska Reimbursement Template used by all of the tribal health programs in Alaska.  Please note that this agreement refers to an all-inclusive like rate, not an all-inclusive rate.

I just learned that the VA's Office of General Counsel (OGC) is issuing a VA/Tribal Health Program Reimbursement Template for your review, comment, and use.  I will distribute this template as soon as I receive it.

Thank you for supporting and building relationships between the VA and tribal health programs.

Margo Kerrigan
IHS California Area Office


Please contact Travis Coleman ( for a copy of the original attachments that were sent with this email correspondence.  Reference email message sent 1/22/13 Subject: VA Reimbursement Agreements with Tribal Health Programs