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Are they detention treatment centers? Will they house violent criminals?


No. Our YRTCs are voluntary chemical dependency treatment centers. They only admit youth whose parents or guardians consent to their treatment, and they screen out youth who are likely to be dangerous. YRTCs do not admit youth who have been charged with or convicted of violent crimes. Clients of the YRTCs follow a strict daily schedule, are monitored 24-hours per day and are not allowed to leave the facilities unescorted.

The new treatment centers will expand and complement existing IHS-funded, Tribally managed behavioral health services in California. The YRTCs will provide comprehensive and holistic care, including:

  • Mental health assessments, health care services, and individualized treatment plans
  • Structured chemical dependency programs (e.g., 12-step programs)
  • Individual, group, and family therapy
  • Academic education
  • Activities to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of Native American Youth
  • 32 beds (16 male; 16 female) plus 6 beds for close observation
  • Five suites for families to participate in the treatment program