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Scope of Work

The Scope of Work (SOW) is a mutually agreed upon document that specifies the responsibilities of a tribal entity to the government for a specified amount of funds.

  1. The CHR Program SOW Matrix shall be used to indicate Workload objectives (percentages) of the contractor, and shall include the number of full-time/part- time CHRs by job title and IHS/CHR dollar amounts.
  2. Workload percentages shall be negotiated by each tribal contractor and shall indicate total program' workload.
  3. All CHR services shall be community-based.
  4. If transportation is to be provided, it shall be within the local community to/from an IHS or tribal hospital or clinic for routine, non-emergency problems, to a patient without other means of transportation when necessary. A tribally developed transportation policy shall be in place.
  5. Preparation of the Contract SOW. The major purpose of the "CHR Program SOW Matrix" is to provide a local CHR Program with the framework for defining and monitoring its activities. The SOW is defined in terms of 16 service categories and when the 16 services are further categorized according to the 14 health areas, a matrix of 240 different services/areas is formed, into which an activity may be categorized. (For the purpose of SOW determination, the activity settings are excluded.)

From the full list of service/area categories, underscore those that will be done by the CHR Program during the year. Health areas 9 through 90 are currently unassigned. These codes may be added and defined as the Community Health Representatives Information System (CHRIS) reporting changes are indicated.

For a copy of the CHR Program Scope of Work Matrix, please contact your Area Directives, Delegations, and Control Officer.