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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Coronavirus Disease 2019

The Indian Health Service continues to work closely with our tribal partners and state and local public health officials to coordinate a comprehensive public health response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a rapidly evolving situation. More cases of COVID-19 are likely to be identified in the coming days. The potential public health threat posed by COVID-19 is very high. We must be vigilant in our efforts to slow the spread of infections among our patients and within the communities we serve.

The federal government is working closely with state, local, tribal, and territorial partners, as well as public health partners, to respond to this public health threat.

For the latest general information about COVID-19, we encourage everyone to periodically review CDC’s COVID-19 webpage Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  . Information specific to the federal response in Indian Country can be found below.

COVID-19 Cases by IHS Area

Data are reported from IHS, tribal, and urban Indian organization facilities, though reporting by tribal and urban programs is voluntary. Data reflect cases reported to the IHS through 11:59 pm on July 9, 2020.

IHS Area Tested Positive Negative
Alaska 62,257 205 49,138
Albuquerque 23,658 1,244 15,586
Bemidji 18,132 415 16,270
Billings 27,898 464 23,293
California 5,288 232 4,259
Great Plains 25,602 1,164 23,273
Nashville 11,843 1,246 9,928
Navajo 51,723 9,090 37,590
Oklahoma City 65,896 2,043 59,349
Phoenix 33,203 6,125 26,170
Portland 13,656 1,061 11,851
Tucson 3,809 324 3,345
TOTAL 342,965 23,613 280,052
IHS COVID-19 Dashboard
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