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Acquisition Career Management

The Department of Health and Human Services' (HHS) Acquisition Policy Memorandum No: 2008-01, "Training and Certification of Contracting Officers' Technical Representatives (COR)," dated September 19, 2008, establishes FAC-COR certification as a prerequisite for serving as a COR within HHS and it's Operating Divisions (OPDIVs).

COR Training Requirements

  1. For initial FAC-COR certifications, a minimum of 40 hours of COR training is required.
  2. HHS' policy and guidance on FAC-COR states that training may be obtained from many commercially-available training sources, including (but not limited to) the vendors listed in the FAC-COR Program Handbook - Table 4 - Classroom Training Providers and Federal Acquisition Institute Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving .
  3. Alternative Sources for training - Individuals may complete on-line training at no cost.
  4. Visit Office of Acquisition Workforce & Strategic Initiatives (OAWSI) Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving  for more information on the FAC-COR program

COR Application Process

  1. Earn 24 CLP's: Initial Certification: 24 hrs., 8 hrs. of COR training, and 16 hrs. for HHS Appropriations Law.
    Recertification: 16 CLPs (2 hrs. COR Refresher training, and 14 hrs. of training including at least one acquisition-related elective) prior to certification expiration.
  2. Document CLP's and submit you application to your servicing ACM. Maintain your documentation and enter Continuous Learning into the Federal Acquisition Institute Training Applications System (FAITAS).
  3. Provide Contracting Officer with a copy of your new FAC-COR certificate for the contracting file.
    Any questions about the FAC-COR program can be sent to Jeffrey Johnston .

Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C)

Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) program was developed to implement for civilian agencies the GS-1102 qualification standard, promote the development of core contracting competencies for all contracting personnel government-wide, and facilitate employee career mobility.


The Office of Management and Budget issued "Memorandum on Revisions to the Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C)," dated May 7, 20014. This memorandum refreshes the Office of Federal Procurement Policy's (OFPP's) requirements for the Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C), originally issued January 20, 2006 and revised in December 2008, to better align the FAC-C with the Department of Defense's (DOD's) Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) contracting certification curriculum and to strengthen the development of civilian agency contracting professions.

While training requirements for the FAC-C are closely aligned with the DAWIA training requirements, they are not identical. Per the May 7, 2014 Memo on Revisions to the Federal Acquisition Certification in Contracting (FAC-C) from OFPP [PDF] Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving , changes to the FAC-C training requirements will be maintained on the FAI website under the FAC-C Certification area.


See FAI FAC-C Training Requirements Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving .

How To Apply

Log into FAITAS and upload supporting documentation (certificates of completion). Contact Melani Hainesworth at 301-443-2242 with any questions regarding the FAC-C process. Contact Jeffrey Johnston at 301-945-3645 for any questions regarding the FAC-COR or FAC-P/PM Certification Programs.