The Directory Page

This page is accessible without logging into the IHS Internet. When not logged in, the page will provide minimum contact information for DOH personnel.

Screen capture of directory listing page with features indicated by number as described in the text

The features allowed for users who are not logged in include:

  1. Browse by Name, Area, or Position
  2. Search by Last Name
  3. Easily control the number of results per page and navigate among pages
  4. Sort results by name, position, or location with a single click of the mouse
  5. One click access to minimum facility information

Once you log in, you have complete access to the Directory, including these additional features (as appropriate for your role in the DOH):

  1. Perform advanced searches using multiple, user-defined criteria
  2. Update your personnel profile
  3. Print directory in multiple formats with a few clicks of the mouse
  4. Easily access “canned” reports
  5. Readily view your most recent contacts
  6. View reminders of incomplete processes within the Directory
  7. Easily add records to your Contacts Listing
  8. Single-click access to detailed individual information
  9. One click access to detailed facility information