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Program Policies

Travel and Lodging

It is important to note: IHS is authorized to purchase airline tickets through the CGE travel program; do not purchase your own ticket as IHS cannot reimburse you for an unauthorized expense.

We recommend that externs contact the preceptor at their assigned facility to discuss travel options. In some cases, a rental car, taxi or other mode of transportation is required for travel from the airport to your assigned facility. Unfortunately, rental cars are not eligible for reimbursement and will be an out-of-pocket expense for externs who choose to rent a car.

Externs should also determine if free housing is available through the facility. If free housing is not available, externs must make lodging arrangements at the government rate and will be reimbursed for the cost of the lodging as part of their post-travel reimbursement package. Reimbursement will be up to the maximum allowable amount, per federal government reimbursement policies. IHS DOH recommends that you reserve your room with a credit card and ensure that you receive an itemized receipt for reimbursement when you check out.


IHS DOH budgets up to $2,000 for externship travel and other related expenses. This includes:

  • Airfare, which is deducted from the budgeted expenses.
  • Lodging (at government rates) when free housing is not available.
  • A per diem for miscellaneous expenses.

All travelers are placed on Official Government Travel Orders and are subject to the rules and regulations governing official travel. Travelers will receive a travel authorization letter, which details all post-travel reimbursement requirements.

Participant Forms

Externship participants will need to complete the following forms prior to travel:

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