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How to Apply

The Dental Externship Application Cycle is now closed.

The IHS Division of Oral Health (DOH) is currently not accepting applications for 2018 Dental Externships. If you are seeking a life-changing cultural and pre-professional experience, we encourage you to apply next year. The application cycle opens January 2019. We recommend you prepare and submit your externship application well before the 2019 deadline once the cycle opens.

Pre-Application Recommendations

Completing the following steps before beginning your application will help minimize the time it takes to complete the process.

  1. Compose your answer to the following question in a Word document using no more than 2,500 characters: Please tell us why you are interested in an Indian Health Service Dental Externship. Copy and paste your answer from the Word document into question #10 of the application.
  2. Read the Dental Externship Program Quick Reference Guide (QRG) [PDF - 677KB] prior to starting the application. The application contains a quiz covering all travel information.
  3. If you have completed item #1 and #2 above, the application will take 30–45 minutes to complete. Please make sure you have that time available prior to starting the application.

2018 Externship Sites

The Division of Oral Health has created two documents to assist you in identifying 2018 externship sites and communicating with preceptors serving those sites.

  • Extern Site Contact List [PDF - 241KB] — This document identifies the Indian health facilities accepting externs for 2018 and the preceptors serving each facility. (UPDATED - 02/05/2018)
  • Extern Site Profile [PDF - 15.8MB] — This document provides an in-depth look at various Indian health facilities that have participated in the program, including the site’s location, information about the externship experience at that site and information about the surrounding community. Please note, this is a comprehensive listing of sites that participated in the Dental Externship program during the last three years. Please refer to the extern site contact list for a list of sites participating in 2018. (UPDATED - 01/11/2018)

These materials will help you to determine whether a site is the right fit for the externship experience you seek. Please note that not all sites participating this year will have a site profile.

School Agreements

All externs are required to have insurance and malpractice liability agreements between your chosen facility and your dental school in order to participate in the externship program. The IHS Division of Oral Health (DOH) recommends that you work with your school’s externship coordinator to identify facilities with school agreements before selecting your preferred facilities as part of your application.

If an agreement does not exist, it is your responsibility to connect the school's externship coordinator with the facility in order to establish an agreement with your school. Please note that this process can take at least six months or more to complete, often jeopardizing the opportunity to participate in the program.