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Indian Health Service The Federal Health Program for American Indians and Alaska Natives

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Healthcare Interpretations Task Force

IHS participates in a coalition of major organizations who have a specific interest in the application of the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code in health care situations. The coalition is called the Health Care Interpretations Task Force (HITF) and is comprised of representatives from AHCA, ASHE, IFMA, CMS, The Joint Commission, NFPA, VA, DoD, and IHS. The HITF meets twice per year during the annual NFPA Conference and was established so that member organizations could develop a consistent understanding and implementation of health care related Life Safety Code requirements. Member organizations may request interpretations of the Life Safety Code through their representative. For IHS, the representative is the DES Codes Committee Chairperson. Only HITF members who are also Authorities Having Jurisdiction (IFMA, CMS, The Joint Commission, VA, DoD, and IHS) are allowed to vote on interpretation requests. All member organizations have agreed to be bound by decisions rendered by the HITF, and hence, these decisions are included herein.

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The following interpretations have been previously issued by the Health Care Interpretations Task Force:

Interpretation Topic Interpretation Number Issue Date
Cooking operations in health care facilities HITF.2007.003 [PDF - 16 KB] 12/06/2007
Portable devices / equipment in corridors HITF.2007.002 [PDF - 17 KB] 12/05/2007
Corridor width within suites HITF.2007.001 [PDF - 15 KB] 06/05/2007
Staff drills HITF.2006.006 [PDF - 16 KB] 12/06/2006
Smoking Areas HITF.2006.005 [PDF - 15 KB] 12/05/2006
Corridor door gaps HITF.2006.004 [PDF - 23 KB] 12/04/2006
Fire drills HITF.2006.003 [PDF - 22 KB] 06/06/2006
Linen and waste chutes HITF.2006.002 [PDF - 15 KB] 06/05/2006
Corridor wall construction in healthcare occupancies HITF.2006.001 [PDF - 18 KB] 06/04/2006
Delayed-egress door locks HITF.2005.002 [PDF - 17 KB] 06/07/2005
Suspended-grid acoustical tile ceilings HITF.2005.001 [PDF - 16 KB] 06/06/2005
Clinical need to lock doors HITF.2004.001 [PDF - 35 KB] 01/01/2004
Smoke detectors in patient sleeping rooms HITF.2003.001 [PDF - 16 KB] 05/20/2003
Existing, non-required fire and smoke dampers HITF.2000.002 [PDF - 15 KB] 11/14/2000
Testing and maintenance of inaccessible fire dampers HITF.2000.001 [PDF - 16 KB] 05/16/2000
Existing linen chutes HITF.1999.004 [PDF - 16 KB] 11/16/1999
Fire extinguisher signage HITF.1999.003 [PDF - 16 KB] 11/15/1999
Fire watches in unoccupied areas under construction HITF.1999.002 [PDF - 15 KB] 11/14/1999
Posting of floor plans showing evacuation routes HITF.1999.001 [PDF - 15 KB] 11/13/1999
Exit sign location visibility HITF.1998.007 [PDF - 15 KB] 11/24/1998
Corridor doors to hazardous areas HITF.1998.006 [PDF - 16 KB] 11/23/1998
Charting areas open to corridors HITF.1998.005 [PDF - 16 KB] 11/22/1998
Announced and unannounced fire drills HITF.1998.004 [PDF - 16 KB] 11/21/1998
Fire watches in areas with impaired fire alarms HITF.1998.003 [PDF - 15 KB] 09/10/1998
Non-rated corridor door HITF.1998.002 [PDF - 15 KB] 09/09/1998
Locking doors in required means of egress HITF.1998.001 [PDF - 16 KB] 09/08/1998