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Data Systems

The data systems below (except for ERDS) are only accessible to users on the IHS intranet. If you are having trouble accessing any of these systems and believe you should be able to, please send us a message using the Contact Us form.


HFDS (Health Facilities Data System)

The HFDS is used primarily to:
  • Repository for Gov't and Tribal Real Property Assets within IHS
  • Disperse funds to M&IE (Maintenance and Improvement and Biomedical Equipment) fund's managers
  • Manage the backlog of deficiencies using FEDS (Facilities Engineering Deficiency System)
  • Report to congress and other outside agencies
  • Justify the level of funds or requests for increases

ERDS (Tribal Equipment Request Data System)

ERDS is a web application used by Tribes to apply for general equipment funding for constructing clinics without IHS funds to replace existing facilities based upon their relative need for equipment funding as it relates to the value of the construction being conducted. Tribes constructing new space by replacement, addition, or expansion may apply for these funds.