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IHS Extern Program (Section 105)

The IHS Extern Program, authorized under Section 105 of the IHCIA, is designed to give IHS scholars and other health profession students the opportunity to gain clinical experience with IHS and Tribal health professionals in their chosen discipline. This program is open to IHS scholars and non-scholars. Students are employed up to 120 days annually, with most students working during the summer months. In FY 2015, the Extern Program funded a total of 124 student externs. There were 108 summer and 16 winter externs. A total of 120 students were health profession students and 25 (20 percent) were American Indian/Alaska Native. The following health disciplines were funded in FY 2015:

Preparatory and Pre-Graduate Externs FY 2015
Discipline Externs
Pre-Medical Technology 2
Pre-Pharmacy 1
Pre-Medicine 1
Total 4


Health Professions Externs FY 2015
Discipline Externs Discipline Externs
Clinical Psychology 2 Physician 2
Dentist 8 Physical Therapy 1
Engineering 10 Podiatry 1
Environmental Health 1 Sanitarian 6
Medical Technology 2 Social Work 2
Nurse 29 X-Ray Technology 2
Optometry 3 Total 120
Pharmacy 51    


Students apply for positions in specific Areas. Funding for each Area is based on the availability of positions and number of extern applicants.

Extern Awards By Area FY 2015
Area Externs Area Externs
Alaska 9 Navajo 19
Albuquerque 2 Oklahoma City 24
Bemidji 16 Phoenix 15
Billings 11 Portland 7
California 4 Tucson 4
Great Plains 12 Total 124
Nashville 1    

To learn more, visit the IHS Extern Program.