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Southwest Region

Regional Human Resource Director:
Oversees all regional activity, provides advice to top level mangers, and addresses policy issues.

Client Services:
Classification, staffing, placement, processing, pay administration, scholarship program, employee orientation & exit interviews.

Workforce Relations:
Labor management, performance, conduct, benefits, suitability, payroll problems, other employee services, training

Strategic Programs:
Human capital management & succession planning, reporting on HR accomplishments relative to the IHS Director’s performance plan.

Personnel Security:
HHS PIV Cards and suitability adjudication.

Regional Director & Staff  |  Client Services  |  Workforce Relations  |  Strategic Programs  |  Personnel Security

Regional Director & Staff

Cathy Ayatta Director 602-364-5248 Phoenix, AZ
Florence Fitch Assistant/Deputy HR Director 602-364-5230 Phoenix, AZ

Client Services

Rowe Valadez Supervisory HR Specialist 602-364-5224 Phoenix, AZ
Lena Fasthorse Buck Supervisory HR Specialist 928-338-3564 Whiteriver, AZ
Larry Lanier Supervisory HR Specialist 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Aaron Arviso HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt/Class 602-364-5228 Phoenix, AZ
Trudy Begay HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt/Class 928-737-6374 Polacca, AZ
Timothy Burden HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt/Class 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Vacant HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt Parker, AZ
Lynelle Lopez HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt/Class 602-364-5231 Phoenix, AZ
Delmer Francisco HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt/Class 602-364-5237 Phoenix, AZ
Berlinda Sue Massey HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt 928-338-3559 Whiteriver, AZ
Donita Lomatska HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt/Class 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Sandra Medina-Avalos HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt 520-295-2435 Tucson, AZ
Angelita Murphy HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Stephanie Qa'Havi HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt 602-364-5225 Phoenix, AZ
Vacant HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt Whiteriver, AZ
Victoria Schurz HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt/Class 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Debbie Standing HR Specialist Recrt/Plcmt/Class 928-338-3561 Whiteriver, AZ
Phidell Bordeaux HR Specialist Classification 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Kyle Maguire HR Specialist Classification 602-364-5244 Phoenix, AZ
Patricia Marquez HR Specialist Classification 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Damiana Mitchell HR Specialist Compensation 602-364-5241 Phoenix, AZ
Melissa Scott Antone HR Specialist Compensation 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Karen Gatewood HR Assistant Payroll 928-338-3560 Whiteriver, AZ
Prudence Chiquito HR Assistant 602-364-5219 Phoenix, AZ
Emery Brown HR Assistant 928-737-6296 Polacca, AZ
Janet Charley HR Assistant 928-338-3558 Whiteriver, AZ
Shannon Begay HR Assistant 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Evelyn Nez HR Assistant Classification 602-364-5220 Phoenix, AZ
Patricia Fuller HR Assistant 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Catrina Morgan HR Assistant 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Wanda Szopinski HR Assistant Classification 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Sylvia Thompson HR Assistant 928-338-3545 Whiteriver, AZ

Workforce Relations

Naomi White Supervisory HR Specialist ER/LR 602-364-5256 Phoenix, AZ
Sarah Chouinard HR Specialist ER/LR 602-364-5234 Phoenix, AZ
Moira McCarthy HR Specialist ER/LR 602-364-5247 Phoenix, AZ
Malinda Paul HR Specialist ER/LR 520-295-2441 Tucson, AZ
Patty Wells HR Specialist ER/LR 928-737-6014 Palacca, AZ
Dorothy Chischilly HR Specialist ER/Benefits 602-364-5229 Phoenix, AZ
Cissy Nez HR Assistant ER/Benefits 602-364-5255 Phoenix, AZ
Rachelle Hovel HR Assistant 602-364-5254 Phoenix, AZ

Strategic Programs

Lynelle Lopez HR Specialist Info Systems 602-364-5231 Phoenix, AZ

Personnel Security

Tim Weahkee Management Analyst 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Tasha Bigman Management Analyst 602-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Janet Freeland HR Assistant 6052-248-4180 Phoenix, AZ
Vacant HR Assistant Phoenix, AZ