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Western Region
Regional Human Resource Director:
Oversees all regional activity, provides advice to top level managers, addresses policy issues, human capital management & succession planning, reporting on HR accomplishments relative to the IHS Director's performance plan.

Client Services:
Position classification, & compensation, recruitment, processing & records, pay administration, scholarship program, employee orientation & exit interviews.

Workforce Relations:
Employee and labor relations, performance management, conduct issues, benefits, personnel security & suitability, ethics, payroll problems, employee development.

Regional Director & Staff

Jeanne Smith Director (Acting) 916-930-3927 X335 Sacramento, CA
Angela Peshlakai Senior HR Spec 916-930-3927 X374 Sacramento, CA
Sergio Islas HR Spec 916-930-3927 X371 Sacramento, CA
Beverly Pettit HR Spec 907-729-1323 Anchorage, AK
Elena Martin HR Spec 907-729-1320 Anchorage, AK

Client Services/Workforce Relations

Kathy Leedham Supv HR Spec 503-414-7734 Portland, OR
Athena Bezahaloni HR Spec 503-414-7733 Portland, OR
Ricardo Gallegos HR Spec 503-414-7731 Portland, OR
Susan Ward HR Spec 503-414-7739 Portland, OR
Margaret Witt Senior HR Spec 503-414-7732 Portland, OR
Evelyn Nez HR Specialist 503-404-7725 Portland, OR