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Diabetes Foot Care Training



Although not specified in the training, it is recommended that health care workers wear disposable gloves in the performance of patient care activities in order to reduce the risk of transmission of germs.

Step One: View Videos

  1. View the series of short videos in sequence, starting with Video #1 and ending with Video #14.
  2. Click on the title of the video. A new tab (window) will automatically open in YouTube.
  3. Once you finish viewing the video, click on the tab to go back to this page from your browser and proceed to the next video in the menu below.





Step Two: View Resources and Summary

  1. View Video #15 – Resources and Summary Exit Disclaimer: You Are Leaving (Running Time: 2:44)
  2. Review the entire Indian Health Diabetes Standards of Care & Clinical Practice Resources – Foot Care. This Standard of Care provides guidance and resources for clinicians and educators, as well as, links to patient education materials. Includes 23 minutes of "how to" videos on foot care exams, treatment, and algorithm guides for foot care and neuropathy.
  3. Review the Course Notes, Slides, and Transcript.

Step Three: Take Quiz

Quiz (for CE Credit)