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Diabetes and Dementia

Quiz for CE Credit

This quiz consists of multiple choice questions with one correct answer.
Please select one answer for each question, then click the Submit Answers button at the end of the quiz.

1. By 2040, people aged 65 and older will represent over 20% of the population.

2. The DSM-5 criteria for major neurocognitive disorder includes evidence of significant cognitive decline from a previous level of performance in which of the cognitive domains?

3. In the 2015 analysis of Medicare claims data, the vast majority (over 75%) of those who were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease were told of their diagnosis.

4. People with diabetes have nearly twice the risk of developing impaired cognition.

5. The DSM-5’s new term for dementia is:

6. Early evidence of encouraging signs of interventions to reduce likelihood of developing cognitive disorders are which of the following:

7. Cognitive training is aimed at enhancing reasoning, memory and speed of reasoning. Which of the following is associated with cognitive training that supports preserving normal cognition in elders?

8. For overweight elders with diabetes in the 70+ age range, which of the following is most important for healthy aging?

9. For elders with diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, the A1C target is always less than 7.0%.

10. Cognitive impairment in elders is a major risk factor for serious hypoglycemia.