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Indigenous Foods Movement in Alaska: Holistic Approaches for Nutrition and Culture

Quiz for CE Credit

This quiz consists of multiple choice questions with one correct answer.
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1. The Agriculture Act of 2014 includes the food distribution program on Indian Reservations and the service of traditional foods in public facilities.

2. The Alaska State Food Code and the Municipality of Anchorage include provisions for traditional wild game meat, seafood, plants and other food donated to an institution or a nonprofit program.

3. Alaska is big and diverse state, with 231 Federally recognized tribes. It is important to be aware that there are common core beliefs and values regarding culture amongst Native Alaskans, but there are still differences from one community to another.

4. For Alaskan people Foraging, Harvesting, and Hunting for food is a family or community effort that builds and honors relationships and impacts not only nutrition but mental, emotional, and spiritual health as well.

5. In order to assess and encourage patients’ use of Indigenous foods, clinicians might ask questions such as: How does culture influence your health? or How do you incorporate traditional foods into meals/snacks?

6. The goals of the SDPI funded Alaska Native cookbook included which of the following: