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Indigenous Food Systems: Seeds of our Ancestors, Seeds of Life

Quiz for CE Credit

This quiz consists of multiple choice questions with one correct answer.
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1. According to Ms. LaDuke, the relocalizing of food is also a way to restore some security and well-being.

2. Statistics from the 2008 White Earth Recover Land Project (WELRP) Food Sovereignty Report, the statistic showed that only 1 million dollars or 14% of the reservation households’ food dollars stayed on the reservation, while 7 million or 86% left the reservation.

3. According to Ms. LaDuke, the average distance for a meal from farm to table is 1,500 miles.

4. In a declaration of Atitlan, “1st Indigenous Peoples’ Global Consultation on the Right to Food and Food Sovereignty held in Guatemala in 2002 defined food sovereignty as the right of Peoples to define their own policies and strategies for sustainable production, distribution, and consumption of food, with respect for their own cultures and their own systems of managing natural resources and rural areas, and is considered to be a precondition for Food Security”.