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Make Every Bite Count with the Dietary Guidelines

Quiz for CE Credit

This quiz consists of multiple choice questions with one correct answer.
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1. Six in ten adults are living with one or more diet-related chronic diseases.

2. The Dietary Guidelines were updated with which of the following principles in mind:

3. The Healthy Eating Index (HEI) measures how closely food and beverage choices align with the Dietary Guidelines. Average scores for Americans of all age groups range between 51 and 63. A higher total score indicates a higher quality diet.

4. Which of the following are Key Recommendations associated with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans:

5. The Key Dietary Principles for the Guidelines are: meet nutritional needs primarily from foods and beverages, choose a variety of options from each food group and pay attention to portion size.

6. The 85-15 Guide: Percentage of Calories Needed to Meet Food Group Needs With Nutrient-Dense Choices and Percentage Left for Other Uses is as follows: 85% of calories are needed per day to meet food group recommendations healthfully, in nutrient-dense forms, and 15% of remaining calories are available for other uses (including added sugars and saturated fats).

7. A healthy dietary pattern limits added sugars to less than 10% of calories per day.

8. Supporting healthy eating in young children can be facilitated by exposing young children to a variety of nutrient-dense foods within each food group to help build a healthy dietary pattern; creating an environment that supports healthy eating at home, school and in communities; and promoting nutrient-dense foods for snacks.

9. Some of the special considerations for older adults include ensuring that they consume enough protein to prevent the loss of lean muscle mass that occurs naturally with age and drinking plenty of water and other nutrient-dense beverages for hydration.

10. MyPlate is used by professionals to help people become more aware of and informed about making healthy food and beverage choices over time. USDA has implemented a Start Simple with MyPlate campaign to help use My Plate to professionals talk with customers about the Dietary Guidelines.