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Pharmacologic Treatment for the Prevention of Diabetes

Quiz for CE Credit

This quiz consists of multiple choice questions with one correct answer.
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1. The current estimate of the prevalence of diabetes in American Indians and Alaska Natives is 14.9%, while the non-Hispanic white population has a prevalence of 7.4%.

2. According to data sets showing prevalence and incidence of diabetes in the United States, prevalence has leveled off and incidence has been decreasing since 2008.

3. According to 2012 and 2017 data sets, the number of individuals in the United States with pre-diabetes is 34-37% of the population.

4. The American Diabetes Association supports the idea of screening individuals for pre-diabetes and diabetes when they are relatively asymptomatic.

5. The need to assess and care for pre-diabetic individuals relates to the consideration that not only are they at risk for diabetes but they are also at risk for cardiovascular mortality and coronary heart disease if they develop.

6. The American Diabetes Association standards of medical care for diabetes prevention include which of the following:

7. Studies show that there appears to be an initial effect as well as a legacy effect for diabetes prevention interventions that include intensive lifestyle modification. However, interventions that focus on medications to address insulin sensitivity do not show a legacy effect in preventing diabetes.

8. Risk factors for developing diabetes include: