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Results from the 2022 IHS Diabetes Care and Outcomes Audit

Quiz for CE Credit

This quiz consists of multiple choice questions with one correct answer.
Please select one answer for each question, then click the Submit Answers button at the end of the quiz.

1. The Diabetes Care and Outcomes Audit is a process for assessing diabetes care and health outcomes for American Indian and Alaska Native people with diagnosed diabetes.

2. The Audit provides important feedback to help participating facilities improve their medical care and education for people with diabetes.

3. The Audit assesses over 40 outcomes including areas covering process, clinical measures and complications.

4. The annual Audit provides important feedback to help gather data that can direct:

5. WebAudit is the secure web-based system that is hosted on IHS servers for centralized processing and storage that is being used to submit data for the Audit.

6. The following is/are part(s) of the Audit process:

7. The Diabetes Audit is required for IHS/Tribal/Urban facilities associated with an SDPI grant.

8. Some differences between the Diabetes Audit and the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) include(s):

9. We had over 134,000 charts included audited for the 2022 Diabetes Care and Outcomes Audit.