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Trends in Indian Health: 2014 Edition

Trends in Indian Health contains tables and charts describing the Indian Health Service program and the health status of American Indians and Alaska Natives. Information pertaining to the IHS structure, American Indian and Alaska Native demography, patient care, and community health are included. Historical trends are depicted, and comparisons to other population groups are made, when appropriate.

Trends in Indian Health: 2014 Edition (Entire Book) [PDF - 14 MB]

  • Cover Page and Front Text
  • Part 1: Indian Health Service Structure
  • Part 2: Population Statistics
  • Part 3: Natality and Infant/Maternal Mortality Statistics
  • Part 4: General Mortality Statistics
  • Part 5: Patient Care Statistics
  • Part 6: Community Health Statistics
  • Glossary of ICD-10 Codes and Index

Please e-mail questions and comments to Kirk Greenway, Principal Statistician and Director, Division of Program Statistics, Office of Public Health Support.