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Alaska Area Funded Projects 2009-2014

Domestic Violence Community Developed Models

Aleutian Pribilof Island Association DV Prevention

Aleutian Pribilof Island Association DV prevention project will screen adult female patients annually for intimate partner violence and DV. It will implement the Duluth Model to coordinate an active response to DV and stage a media campaign against DV.

Chugachmiut DVPI

The Chugachmiut DVPI aims to reduce DV locally by 10 percent. It will help develop community-focused programs, enhance local DV awareness campaigns, and set up a male-focused workgroup to create DV education for men.

Copper River Native Association

The Copper River Native Association will provide training for village workers, oversight, victim counseling, and access to clinicians. Emergent care will be a primary focus; ongoing, long-term counseling will also be a vital component of this holistic program.

South Central Foundation

The Family Wellness Warriors Initiative will provide training, individualized care, and aftercare to victims of violence, abuse, and neglect. It will develop a culturally sensitive evaluation tool and build local planning and evaluation capacity.

Sexual Assault Community Developed Models

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium DVPI Program

The ANTHC DVPI Program will train tribal leaders and first responders in practice-based DV/SA prevention, treatment, and community awareness and train behavioral health aides in DV/SA response. It will develop and maintain community response systems.

Bristol Bay Nitaput SA Expansion

The Nitaput SA Project will improve training for staff serving child SA victims. It will expand specialized treatment services and provide comprehensive medical exams. It will improve community awareness and develop program sustainability.

Kodiak Area Native Association

The Kodiak Area Native Association will boost services for child abuse and SA victims by developing culturally appropriate methods. It will make community assessments, train staff, reach out to victims, coordinate crisis response, and educate the community.

Maniilaq Association SA Project Expansion

The Maniilaq Health Center will collect and assess data, integrate it into one system, and train users of the new system. It will evaluate local DV/SA efforts, identify gaps, and acquire resources.Sexual Assaultlt Nurse Examiner (SANE)/Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) Projects

Bristol Bay SANE/SAFE/ SART Project

The Bristol Bay SANE SAFE SART Project will coordinate police, courts, victim advocates, shelter staff, and health care providers. It will improve response to SA/DV reports and expand SART services. It will develop sustainability and community awareness.

Norton Sound Health Corporation SA Project Expansion

The Norton Sound Health Corp. will improve direct services for DV and SA victims and improve the systematic response to SA. Collaborative efforts will ensure an effective, victim-focused care model is provided. Nurses will receive SANE/SAFE training.