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Environmental Health Support Center Training
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Classes & Registration

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    List of Classes
    AutoCAD Civil 3D - Fundamentals  SFC  1/17/17-1/20/17  Edina, MN  Completed 
    AutoCAD Civil 3D Webinar - Scattered Site Drafting and Management  SFC  1/18/17-1/18/17  Webinar: 11am-3 pm ET  Completed 
    AutoCAD/ AutoCAD Civil 3D Webinar: AUTOLISP Workshop  FAC,SFC  2/8/17-2/8/17  Webinar: 11am-3pm ET  Registration open  
    Chlorination & Fluoridation  O&M  2/28/17-3/2/17  Temecula  Registration open  
    Chlorination & Fluoridation  O&M  4/11/17-4/13/17  Airway Heights, WA  Registration open  
    Construction Inspection  SFC  1/23/17-1/26/17  Big Cypress, Florida  Registration open  
    Construction Inspection  SFC  2/21/17-2/24/17  Albuquerque, NM  Registration open  
    Environmental Health & Engineering Orientation  EM,EHS,FAC,IEH,IP,SFC  4/24/17-4/28/17  Albuquerque, NM  Registration begins 1/24/17 
    FDA Food Code Course - FD112  EHS  2/6/17-2/7/17  Portland, OR  Registration open  
    FDA Food Code/Retail Food Safety  EHS  2/6/17-2/10/17  Portland, OR  Cancelled 
    FDA Managing Retail Food Safety - FD215  EHS  2/8/17-2/10/17  Portland, OR  Registration open  
    Fundamentals of Infection Surveillance, Prevention and Control -EPI 102  EHS,FAC,IEH  5/23/17-5/25/17  Albuquerque, NM  Registration begins 2/23/17 
    Healthcare Safety Accreditation  FAC,IEH  4/4/17-4/6/17  Albuquerque, NM  Registration open  
    Healthcare Safety Accreditation  FAC,IEH  3/7/17-3/9/17  Oklahoma City, OK  Registration open  
    Healthcare Safety Accreditation  FAC,IEH  4/10/17-4/12/17  Gallup, NM  Registration open  
    Infection Control for Ambulatory Healthcare Facilities  EHS,IEH  6/27/17-6/29/17  Spokane, WA  Registration begins 3/27/17 
    Infection Preventionists Housekeeping Fundamentals  IEH  2/22/17-2/23/17  Albuquerque, NM  Registration open  
    Intermediate Injury Prevention  IP,EHS  5/2/17-5/4/17  Scottsdale, AZ  Registration begins 2/2/17 
    Lift Station Operations  O&M  3/21/17-3/23/17  Duluth, MN  Registration open  
    Lift Station Operations  O&M  3/28/17-3/30/17  Big Cypress, FL  Registration open  
    NFPA 101 Life Safety Code  IEH,FAC,EHS  2/27/17-3/1/17  Gallup NM  Registration open  
    NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace  FAC,IEH  1/31/17-2/1/17  Oklahoma City, OK  Registration open  
    NFPA 99 Standards for Healthcare  IEH,FAC  3/2/17-3/2/17  Gallup, NM  Registration open  
    Onsite Wastewater  SFC  2/6/17-2/9/17  Albuquerque, NM  Registration open  
    Safe Native American Passengers [SNAP]  EHS,IP  1/31/17-1/31/17  Stillwater, OK  Registration open