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Federal Disparity Index (FDI)

The American Indian and Alaska Native population has long experienced a disproportionately high level of health problems compared to other Americans. The lingering health status inequities are troublesome and prompt an important question.

What would it cost to provide equitable health care services to Indian people?

To answer that question, a workgroup of tribal and Indian health leaders developed a pricing model that uses the Federal Employees Health Plan (FEHP) as the primary benchmark. Results from the model are posted here to facilitate consultation with Indian tribes. The Indian Health Service allocates the Indian Health Care Improvement Fund to tribes using results from the model.

2009 FDI Results and IHCIF Formula Results

  • The 2009 formula results and related documents are posted in the 2009 IHCIF FORMULA RESULTS section below
  • The 2008 FDI calculation results and related documents are posted in the 2008 FDI CALCULATION RESULTS section below

2009 IHCIF Formula Results UPDATED
Recommendation and Approval Memo [PDF - 857 KB] 05-09-2009
IHCIF Allocations by Area and Site [PDF - 666 KB] 05-09-2009
IHCIF Allowance Use Guidelines [PDF - 47 KB] 05-09-2009
IHCIF Formula Qs and As [PDF - 93 KB] 05-09-2009

2008 FDI Calculation Results UPDATED
Assumptions, Data, Calculations for 2007 cost benchmark [PDF - 285 KB] 05-14-2008
FDI Quality Control Practices [PDF - 61 KB] 05-09-2008
Federally Supported IHS &Tribal Buildings - OEHE Report [PDF - 6 MB] 05-09-2008
FDI Cost Per User Calculations for Sites [PDF - 638 KB] 05-09-2008
FDI Funds Per User Calculations for Sites [PDF - 800 KB] 05-09-2008