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Area IT Service Desk

If you need local IT support to resolve a problem with your computer on one or more of the noted systems, you can open a Service Desk ticket for your Local Area IT Service Desk.

Albuquerque Area

Albuquerque Area Service Desk
ISSO: Bernie Jojola
ISSO Phone: 505-256-6701
Phone: 505-256-6702

Bemidji Area

Bemidji Area Service Desk
ISSO: Alice Martell
ISSO Phone: 218-444-0459
Phone: 218-444-0505

Billings Area

Billings Area Service Desk
ISSO: Corrine Standing Bear
ISSO Phone: 406-247-7167
Phone: 406-247-7160

California Area

California Area Service Desk
ISSO: Theresa Weber
ISSO Phone: 916-930-3981 x307
Phone: 916-930-3981

Division of Engineering Services (DES)

ISSO: Andre Tyson
ISSO Phone: 206-615-2787

Great Plains Area

Great Plains Area Service Desk
ISSO: Brad Flom
ISSO Phone: 605-335-2509
Phone: 605-335-2500

IHS Headquarters Office

Headquarters End User Support
ISSO: Ben Koshy
ISSO Phone: 301-443-6987
Phone: 888-830-7280

Nashville Area

Nashville Area Service Desk
ISSO: Scott McCoy
ISSO Phone: 615-467-1525
Phone: 615-467-1525

Navajo Area

Navajo Area Service Desk
ISSO: Vanessa Segay
ISSO Phone: 928-871-1303
Phone: 928-871-1302

Oklahoma Area

Oklahoma Area Service Desk
ISSO: Bobby Villines
ISSO Phone: 405-951-3803
Phone: 405-951-6033

Phoenix Area

Phoenix Area Service Desk
ISSO: Patrick Foster
ISSO Phone: 602-364-5278
Phone: 602-364-5200

Portland Area

Portland Area Service Desk
ISSO: Douglas J. Bristow
ISSO Phone: 503-414-7753
Phone: 503-414-7763

Tucson Area

Tucson Area Service Desk
ISSO: Al Pablo (Acting)
ISSO Phone: 520-295-2522
Phone: 520-295-2500

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