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The Status: What Has Been Done for the Modernization

There are five stages that the Health IT Modernization Program Management Office is leading to create the new, national EHR system. These stages consist of: Research, Plan, Buy and Build, Deploy, Operate. Major milestones for the Program include


medical staff members sitting at a computer reviewing patient health information to deliver care to American Indian / Alaska Native patients


Buy and Build

The IHS reached a major milestone in the Buy and Build stage of the Modernization Program with the selection of an enterprise Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Read more about the selection in the online press release.

  • The IHS followed a federal acquisition process open to all vendors that:
    • Applied lessons learned from other federal agencies and experience from Tribal and Urban partners.
    • Used a cross-disciplinary technical evaluation panel, with additional subject matter experts, that evaluated submitted proposals.
  • Throughout the selection process, the IHS coordinated with Tribal and Urban Indian Organization partners through two listening sessions, an Industry Day, seven Tribal Consultation and Urban Indian Confer events, and the participation of hundreds of Tribal, Urban, and IHS system users in vendor product demonstrations.
  • The IHS selected General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc. (GDIT) to build, configure, and maintain a new IHS enterprise EHR system that uses Oracle Health technology.
    • GDIT will serve as systems integrator to pull together multiple aspects of the EHR solution, manage a large team of subcontractors, and monitor that the new system works with other hardware, software, and operational components at each site.
    • Oracle Health will provide its enterprise EHR solution as a member of the GDIT team.
  • The IHS chose GDIT because they:
    • Had the strongest overall technical approach.
    • Demonstrated experience deploying complex information technology systems for the federal government.
    • Showed a record of strong past performance.
    • Offered a widely adopted EHR product that was well-received by users who participated in scenario-based demonstration sessions.


More information to come.


More information to come.