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Nursing Educational Leave

Public Health Service
Health Services Administration
Indian Health Service
Rockville, Maryland


Effective Date:  April 16, 1979


  1. EDUCATIONAL LEAVE.  After completion of 6 months of employment as a R.N., the nurse will begin to be eligible for educational leave for 40 hours per year.  This leave is a privilege and not a right.  It cannot be held over from year to year on an accumulative basis.  The following shall serve as guidelines for the programs covered by paid educational leave:
    1. Formally organized courses in nursing.
    2. Formally organized courses in related subjects leading to a degree in nursing.
    3. Formally organized workshops, conferences, symposia dealing with the contemporary practices of nursing.
    4. Formally organized specialized courses relating to nursing practice.
    5. Formally organized clinical nursing seminars and institutes such as MCH and Medical/Surgical.
    6. Formally organized programs for health professionals open to R.N., and which deal with issues involving patient care.
    7. Formally organized specialized programs not directly involving nursing but primarily related to patient?s health and welfare (e.g., Long term care, Alcoholism, Home care).

      The various areas covered above shall include those sponsored by Indian Health Service, educational institutions, other government agencies or professional associations.

      It is agreed that the above set forth activities for each nurse shall be related to nursing practices within his/her facility.  In addition, these activities shall be such to have CE Units in order to meet the mandatory requirement for nursing licensure.  This leave is separate and apart from training sponsored by the service which is deemed for the good of the government or required by the Civil Service Commission.

      Request for such leave shall be made in writing setting forth the details, i.e., dates, hours, subject, faculty and purpose for taking the, course, seminar, etc.  The agenda of the program should be attached to the request.  For outside training an HEW-350, Training Request is required. Certification of attendance must be presented upon return to work following use of this leave.

      The nurse may be requested by management to make a verbal report on such activity to the other nurses at the facility or in writing to the Director of Nursing.

      It is understood that an individual nurse shall have a choice in the selection of the types of educational programs in which the nurse shall participate.

      Educational leave shall not be charged if the educational program occurs on a day the nurse is not scheduled to work.

      If the educational program occurs on a day the nurse is scheduled to work, the following principles shall govern:

      • If the educational program has a duration of 4 or more hours within or without a shift in whole or in part, the nurse will be excused from his/her shift and receive 8 hours of educational leave for such day.
      • If the educational program has a duration of less than 4 hours and falls within the nurses shift in whole or in part, the nurse will be given educational leave for the number of hours spent at educational program and will work the balance of the shift.
      • If the educational program has a duration of less than 4 hours and falls entirely outside the nurses shift, the nurse shall not be charged with educational leave.

  2. LEAVE WITHOUT PAY.  Nurses may request leave without pay to attend professional activities such as, but not necessarily limited to, educational workshops, seminars, continuing education courses, and participation on bona fide activities of professional associations.  Such request will be given equitable consideration and may be granted at the sole discretion of management.

    1. No compensatory time shall be granted as earned for attendance at learning events which grant Continuing Education credits.
    2. In-service or other structured learning events for which compensatory time is granted must so state on the advertisement for the class.

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    Emery A. Johnson, M.D.
    Assistant Surgeon General
    Director, Indian Health Service

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