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Clearance of Papers Prepared for Publication


Public Health Service
Indian Health Service
Rockville, Maryland 20857


Effective Date:  04/14/1988


  1. PURPOSE.  To revise procedures previously established for the clearance of scientific and program papers prepared by Indian Health Service (IHS) staff or IHS contractors intended for publication.

  2. BACKGROUND.  Employees of IHS are encouraged to engage in outside writing and editing when such activity is not otherwise prohibited by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Standards of Conduct, Personnel Pamphlet, Series No. 6.  The IHS has been delegated the authority for clearance of professional papers for publication.

    1. Area Office Publications Review Committee Clearance:

      Each IHS Area Office shall assign the following Publication Review functions as a part of the Area Research Committee.  The Committee shall:

      1. Notify the IHS Research Director of the Committee's review of a manuscript or other materials submitted to them for publication.  The Committee shall review the materials and offer recommendations for changes to the author when appropriate.  After final submission by the author, the Committee shall recommend either approval or disapproval of the manuscript to the IHS Research Director except as noted below in 3.A.(5).  The notification should include:
        1. The title of the publication.
        2. Brief description of the subject matter.
        3. Anticipated date for submission of publication for final approval.
      2. Review papers for technical content and validity, organization of content, general readability, adherence to established policy and assurance that the paper is of high quality, reflecting creditably on the IHS.
      3. Submit papers, along with pertinent comments, to the Director, Division of Medical Systems Research and Development, Attention: Manuscript/Publication Coordinator, Office of Health Program Research and Development (OHPRO), Tucson, Arizona, for final review and approval.
      4. Return paper to the author for appropriate action upon receipt of comments or final approval from OHPRD.
      5. Have the authority to give final approval without concurrence by the Office of Health Programs Research and Development for newsletters, newspaper articles, and other local publications with limited circulation.
    2. Review -  Indian Health Service Research Director:

      The IHS Research Director shall either assume the responsibilities described below or shall appoint an IHS Manuscript/Publication Coordinator to carry out the following duties:

      1. Review papers and Area Publications Committee comments with consideration of the items listed in Section 3A(2) but with primary emphasis on conformity to policy at all Department levels.
      2. At his discretion, obtain technical review of papers from appropriate IHS professional staff concerned with the topic under consideration.
      3. Refer papers to Departmental levels for policy clearance if such review is needed.
      4. Return papers to the Area Review Committee indicating approval or disapproval, with suggestions as to clarification, alteration or correction, if any.
    3. Indian Health Service personnel located at IHS Headquarters Rockville, Maryland, Headquarters West, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and OHPRD, Tucson, Arizona, will submit all professional and program papers directly to the IHS Research Director, OHPRD, for review as in 3.B.

    1. Responsibility for publication of a paper rests with the author.
    2. The author will send 15 reprints of each published paper as follows for distribution to IHS Staff, Rockville, Headquarters West, OHPRD, Tucson, and Area Office staff to:

      Manuscript/Publication Coordinator
      IHS Division of Medical Systems Research and Development
      7900 South J. Stock Road
      Tucson, Arizona 85746

  5. DISCLAIMER.  All papers prepared for publication shall bear a standard disclaimer:  ?The opinions expressed in this paper are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the IHS.?

  6. SUPERSESSION.  This circular supersedes Circular No. 84-5 concerned with the clearance of program papers for publication.

/Everett R. Rhoades, M.D./
Everett R. Rhoades, M.D.
Assistant Surgeon General

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